The Real Estate Agent Profile

December 12, 2018 2765

Your professional profile just for the cosumer.

Just like LinkedIn, real estate agents can now share their Coicio professional profiles with buyers, sellers and peers. Many consumers do not have a LinkedIn profile or understand what the platform is and does. Coicio is the first consumer-targeted professional profile platform for the real estate agent, buyer and broker.

With a Coicio profile, real estate agents can share their success and control their online professional identity that the consumer trusts and can easily understand. 

Creating a Coicio profile is very easy, simply enter your business email address, add a short bio and add your agency brand. It's that easy. Consumers visit your profile and can easily see your listings and who you work for. You can share your Coicio profile that only contains only your listings, not your competitors and not 3rd party marketing. Your profile, your identity and your listings.

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