Post-Cable & OTT What Is IT?

June 14, 2019 2491

TV is changing, there is no question about that. From Smart TV's to watching on an iPad, iPhone or other devices, TV is available anywhere. So what exactly is Post-Cable, OTT and Streaming, what are the differences (if any) and what does it mean for me?

Once, and not too long ago, TV was in the lounge room, living room and that small box in the kitchen. It was pre-programmed content broadcast at set times during the day, with minimal changes, if any. It was one direction only, from the tower or cable, direct to the tellie and no feedback from the consumer/viewer. The Internet had barely been born and the thought of viewing TV or video content via the internet could be laughed at, downloading an image was almost impossible, the speed and latency of the Internet were just way too poor.

Of the past few years, the Internet has dramatically increased in its efficiencies, boasting much-improved latencies and great speeds. Meaning that new services could be delivered via the Internet, such as video, gaming and other high speed, high bandwidth services. 

The term Post-Cable was born to describe the movement of TV from the traditional free to air and cable-style TV viewing to online streaming. Post-Cable means just that, after cable and is used to describe any TV service that does not employ cable or terrestrial broadcast technologies. 

Netflix was the first to make a name in this space, delivering high quality, highly produced On-Demand content to subscribed users. Realising what is possible, some traditional networks started creating their own Netflix inspired, On-Demand services, serving their own pre-recorded content to their local areas.

Cheddar TV, born in 2017, really began the next generation of TV viewing, delivering LIVE and On-demand content to viewers around the world. Specialising in the finance industry, Cheddar attracted the title of CNBC for the millennials and since broadening its span into sports, news and other programming areas.

Property TV is the latest Post-Cable TV Network and is exactly what it says, TV just for the property. Property finally has a single place where consumers and industry peers can watch, research, learn and engage with property and property people. 

If services like Netflix, Cheddar and Property TV are Post-Cable, what is OTT? OTT means Over The Top and is also used to describe Post-Cable, with one main difference, OTT also includes services like online gaming.

OTT brings it all together, streaming, collaboration and interaction. Property TV is OTT, viewers can engage with Realtors, brokers, agencies, other consumers and can search for properties for sale, rent and sold. Property TV is a true collaboration on a world stage. 

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