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Secure Your Real Estate Listings

Coicio is like your wallet for real estate listings, where you can store them safely, securely and send to where you want them to go. You can also elect to have your Coicio profile as your very own property portfolio, showcasing your successes with recent real estate sales and your strengths within the industry.

You can even elect to send listings to social media or other content platforms like Property TV, Brochure.Cloud & PropClips.

Creating an account is super easy and it's free. Just click on the registration button and create a username and password. 

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Keep a Record

Have you ever wanted to keep a record of your real estate listings online, as they are marketed? Do you want to keep your listings in a safe, central location? With Coicio, now you can. 

Just like a wallet, Coicio stores all your listings in one safe, secure place.

Adding a Listing

Adding a real estate listing is as easy as entering your existing property URL. 

Schedule Updates

And if that is not enough, you can schedule your listing updates to send to social media regularly.

Your Coicio Profile

Once you have created your account, your Coicio profile is available immediately. Add your listings and social media accounts to really take control of your profile on the internet.

The most cost effective way to control and publish listings on social media.

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You could win 2 x flights to NYC in January, for you and a friend

You could win 2 x flights to NYC in January, for you and a friend