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Why canelop

Finding your perfect place should be easy and enjoyable. And when you do find your perfect place, it should be celebrated, loudly! 

Our goal is to make boring, mundane property search one of the most pleasurable and exciting experiences of your life. Like driving your car for the very first time, getting a rose on valentines day and summer beach vibes, buying or renting your place should be a rewarding experience. 

How is canelop different?

Unlike real estate portals, canelop helps you build your best life. Easily search and find your ideal lifestyle. Do you like the beach or the mountains? Do you like living in cities or country towns? Do you like eating smashed avocado on toast every morning at 6 am with an accompanying piccolo? canelop helps you find the best property that meets your real needs, your life needs.

How do I use canelop?

canelop is simple and easy, just enter your email address and start life searching! It is that easy. But you will have to wait, just a little bit, canelop is currently in development and available to a few canelopeans to help imagininate the platform.

How can I become a canelopean?

The easiest way to become a canelopean is for another canelopean to invite you. If you don't know one, just email a new support request. As there is a lot of interest in canelop, sometimes our team takes a little longer than usual to reply... so please be patient, we will get to you. [email protected]

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You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!

You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!