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At COICIO™ we like to solve problems. Great ideas and lots of market testing. Some technologies grow to become great real-world solutions and sometimes, the right time is not now. Although COICIO™ discontinued the following assets, their technologies underpin much of the COICIO™ platform.

For example, the COICIO™ social media product was substantially expanded to allow for the social media Broadcast LIVE solution and the Property Wallet, now underpins much of the Copyright & royalty ledger solution.

COICIO™ Property Wallet - discontinued

Keeping a record is extremely important and a retaining a copy of your listings online is no exception. The Coicio Property Wallet is a safe place to store all your listings, so you can keep track of where and when listings are accessed. 

Social Media Wallet - discontinued

Built into the Coicio Property Wallet is the ability to save, send and share listings to where ever you need them to go. Social Media is the largest audience for real estate-related search and Coicio helps you get there and maximise your listings exposure.

The most cost effective way to access the largest property audience!

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You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!