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The relentless pursuit to improve the property industry with technology.

Current Development Activities

At Coicio, we are on an endless pursuit for perfection, developing the next generation of technologies that will take the property industry into the coming decades and beyond. Our development plan converges many new technologies to deliver something extraordinary and that has never been seen before. 

Commencing with the Coicio Property Wallet, it is our aim to place the control of listings back into the hands of the Realtor, Property Manager, Agency and the Property Professional. The Coicio Property Wallet is the safe and secure place to store your listings online and decide when and where you wish to share. 

Blockchain Property Search

Coicio is the first worldwide real estate Blockchain search application. A mashup of social media and property portal delivered on Blockchain technology, Coicio helps consumers find the ideal property and the right Realtor. Coicio provides the ability for the real estate agent to more easily promote their listings, their success and find more buyers and sellers.

Realtor Artificial Intelligence

The game-changing application for the Realtor, Property Professional and the consumer. Coicio's A.I. application not only helps the real estate agent find more leads and sell more property, Coicio is the property buyer & sellers best arsenal when searching for that new home or investment property. 

Real Estate Augmented Reality

Property search without the computer, that's the goal and that is what we are building. Imagine standing in front of a home a receiving the latest property information about that specific property and neighbouring properties. Mix that with the Coicio AI and you have your personal assistant that can pretty much take care of any task related to real estate. 

The most cost effective way to access the largest property audience!

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You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!

You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!