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One central location to add and report on the performance of your listings on social media.

One Central Reporting Console

The social media console was on hold in 2020 and is now back! You can use COICIO to list your properties directly on to Property TV.

Add your real estate listings to social media and report on their success from one central location. No need to log into each social media platform individually, just send once to Coicio and Coicio does the rest.

Prefer to schedule regular or sporadic posts? Set the Coicio scheduler and send your real estate listings autonomously, without you or your team's immediate input. Just set and forget. 

Adding a property to Coicio is super easy. Just enter the URL and fill in a few extra details and that's it, you're done!

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You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!

You could win a Mercedes Benz for 1 full year!